Holy shit guys! It has been less than a month since the last installment and yet here we are! I know, I’m scared too.  Today, we’ve got some bad news, some good news, and some…well.. news. So let’s just get into it! Hey did you hear about…

    Bruce Campbell stepping down from the role of Ash? Yeah, it is a sad time for many horror fans. Shortly after it was announced that Starz would be cancelling “Ash Vs. Evil Dead” Campbell released a statement saying that he would no longer be portraying the iconic Ash Williams. After many fans urged Netflix to pick up the series after its cancellation, Campbell tweeted his gratitude to fans but said he would be stepping down from the role in a tweet that included the hashtag  “Time to fry some other fish”. He also said something along the lines of if there is evil to fight Ash will be there, he just won’t be the actor portraying the role. What do you guys think? Could there be more Bruce Campbell awesomeness coming soon? Could someone else play Ash? Will the “Evil Dead” franchise move one without him? Only time will tell.

    The new trailer for “Venom”? They finally revealed the face of the lethal symbiote and it looks like they took the design straight from the comics and holy shit is it cool! I think this will be another one of those movies that is good for the horror genre overall because it may come from comic books but the trailer makes the movie look more like an action/horror flick than a comic book movie. High grossing horror films, whether we enjoy them or not, are good for fans and filmmakers alike. It looks like “Venom” will be just that, but I could be wrong. We shall see. At the very least, we’re getting a Venom movie and well, that’s pretty fucking cool.

    Liam O’Donnell being on The Horror Basement? Yeah dude! A couple days ago I reviewed his film “Beyond Skyline” which is kicking ass on Netflix right now. He’s the guy who took an indie budget and made something that looked like a summer blockbuster. He will be on the next horror basement and we (yeah, I’ll be there too!) are going to pick his brain on all manner of things. So be ready next Wednesday; we’ll be going beyond “Beyond Skyline”.

    Bonus entry! Speaking of visual effects.. Andy Muschietti is going to start filming the second installment of “IT” this summer. In an interview at CinemaCon he promised that the next installment will be darker and scarier. He jokingly warned listeners to bring their adult diapers to the theaters. I just hope that it is because this next “IT” will scare the piss out of everybody and not because the CGI is shit like the last one. We’ll know for sure in September 2019 but some of us have our assumptions already.

    That’s it for me today, folks! Have a good rest of your week and just remember we have a merch page, a patreon, and bulletproof zombie warriors.  Just saying.


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