I love seeing cool ass indie horror movies that are home grown right here in Tennessee. Some of the best horror flicks I have seen in the past year have come from small film makers based here in the Volunteer State; from the bigfoot badassery of “Taku-He” to the bitchin’ blast from the past that was “Black Holler” they know how to make solid films here in Tennessee and it looks like there’s another addition to that list on the horizon.
 “Chicken’s Blood” takes the old “City kids take a wrong turn and get fucked up by crazy locals” setup and adds one of the scariest things known to man: a clown on meth. No, it’s not a documentary about Juggalos, it’s a slasher that, if the trailer is any indication, will be brutal as fuck. Hopefully the wait for this homegrown horror gem will not be long. According to IMDb,  it is currently filming. Until then, go check out the trailer and get excited for “Chicken’s Blood”.


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