When I joined this team, I went into a dark grotto and made a blood oath* to promote and support indie horror at all costs and I take my oath seriously. I feel as though I would be breaking my word to He Who Walks Behind the Projector if I did not bring this to your attention. It is written that soon, in a land below the mountain there will rise a home, nay a sanctuary of indie film. It will be crafted by hands with a love for horror and raised into the existence by wiling folk from far and wide. That could be you, Dear Reader! You could help to bring this great entity to life. Gather close, and I shall tell you more.

Knoxville has a great many things but the one thing it doesn’t have is an indie movie house. Not yet, anyway. At the moment, the good folks who have brought us the Knoxville Horror Film Festival for the past decade are now working to bring us Central Cinema. This is what film fans in the Knoxville area have needed in their lives for quite some time. It isn’t going to be just another place to watch the latest blockbusters or a budget theater where you can catch movies that were in other theaters three months ago; this venue has so much more to offer. The team behind Central Cinema plans to show classics from every era, edgy midnight movies, family matinees, and current indie and documentary films. I reached out to the folks at Central Cinema and was informed that they will be doing a lot of indie horror films. One of the regular series they will run is “The Late Show” which will be on Fridays and Saturdays. They also already have arrangements to bring other series and future special screenings of indie horror movies. In short, the kind of theater experience people in this area currently have to drive hours for will be right here at home.

There is more than just cool movies in a cozy setting to look forward to at Central Cinema. What if I told you they plan to offer intimate deck and lounge areas where you can grab a cold beer before or after the movie? How about a concession stand where they won’t try to upsell you and drain your wallet?  Yeah, they’ll have all that and more, including the possibility of a coffee and cereal bar for family matinees. Any place where I can get beer, coffee, and see a good movie is a place I can get on board with especially if I can do all that without breaking the bank.

Not just a revival house, Central Cinema will offer custom screening opportunities. The team has a real desire to work with groups or individuals to host public film events. Do you want to shell out the money to watch your favorite slasher on the big screen? Doable. You want to premiere your film? Doable. Do you have a cause that you would like to throw a benefit for? Totally Doable.  It is obvious that the team behind this theater have not only a love for cinema but a real heart for the community as well.

I’m sure you’re thinking that this is some far off pipe dream and that I’m about to plug a GoFundMe campaign. Well, you’re half right. I’m going to plug the GoFundMe; even if you have no intention of donating I encourage you to go read it (link will be below). I guarantee that if you read the campaign you’ll be as excited about this as I am especially if you’re from the Knoxville area. This is not, however, a far away thing; they’re planning to open at the end of next month, just in time for summer!

There is a certain kind of magic that happens in these small theaters that are ran by people with a real love for cinema that you won’t find at bigger corporate venues. So, keep an eye on Central Cinema, go catch a movie there, and experience some of that magic for yourself.

GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/centralcinemaknox

*no blood oaths were actually taken


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