Black Holler By Yeti

 Laquita Johnson is a super rad college student with a troubled past who finds herself forced to go on a camping trip with a group of students to search for a piece of an ancient relic. But like, gag me with a spoon; it’s a total bummer when her fellow students start dropping like flies in the forest. If it’s not the angry native spirits killing kids it’s a redneck in coveralls fucking shit up; these woods are like so bad for your health.  “Black Holler” combines grody kills, tubular laughs, and all the eighties references you can.. damn I feel like there should be another 80s-ism to throw in here but I’m like totally drawing a blank. Anyway, “Black Holler” is a campy horror comedy set in 1989 and shot right here in Tennessee.

    Do you remember a simpler time? A time when people were addicted to coke instead of small pieces of glowing plastic? A time when people thought neon shirts were a good idea? A time when spoof movies were still good? “Black Holler” remembers. The movie is packed with pop culture references, those giant brick cell phones make an appearance, and just about every character is so goddamned 80s that it makes you want to gag yourself with a spoon and not once in the entire runtime does it get tiresome.  It is so refreshing to see a movie that has found a balance and doesn’t just spend an hour and a half screaming “I WATCHED A TON OF OTHER MOVIES HAVE YOU SEEN THEM!!?!?!!?! AM I FUNNY YET?!?!” before shitting itself and collapsing under the weight of its own shame. It isn’t just the jokes that bring up neon nostalgia, “Black Holler” feels like an 80s movie. It’s really well shot but they managed to add a touch of vintage to the overall aesthetic. The practical effects are solid and the couple bits of CGI fit in perfectly. There’s even a martial arts montage! What is more 80s than a martial arts montage? Fucking nothing, that’s what!

    The acting in this movie is spot on as well. I couldn’t pick out a weak link in the cast but the real star is the guy playing Brett. Brett is, without a doubt, the best character in the whole movie. He’s classic Brett and he never changes. For anybody. Ever. Even though he’s a side character the acting really makes him stand out. Seriously, give this movie a watch and you’ll see pretty early on why he’s my favorite character.

    All in all, “Black Holler” was a great time. I don’t think there is another way to describe it. So, go and give it a watch. It hits Vimeo On Demand today, the twentieth of April, wink wink nudge nudge.  So when you’re done doing, ya know, whatever it is you’re already doing today go over check it out; I guarantee you’ll dig it. Watch it Here



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